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    About Us

    SneakSea is the first peer-to-peer marketplace for crypto Sneakers (like StockX for crypto assets), which include Sneakers NFTs, collectibles, gaming items, and other virtual goods backed by a blockchain. This initiative is intended to help Sneaker enthusiasts trade NFTs, gaming items, and other digital assets on the SneakSea marketplace and also to connect Creators and sneakerheads around the globe.

    Why SneakSea?

    SneakSea is a fully automated decentralized cryptocurrency platform designed with the needs of modern crypto enthusiasts at its core. We intend to disrupt the crypto industry by offering a platform that addresses virtually all weaknesses in the contemporary crypto platform. Besides providing crypto solutions, our platform will feature one of the best transaction rates in the industry, will be immune to transaction delays, and our user interface will be very friendly to all types of users.

    Use cases & Features.


    The SneakSea token further maintains applications in different decentralized applications through direct partnerships and allowances.

    Upcoming Drops

    Holders also benefit from rare NFT drops, valued at anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, while maintaining a steady volume of SneakSea crypto-token in their digital wallets.


    Similar to yield Farming, users can lend out their tokens for a specified period to earn massive returns on their initial investment. Here, the holding period is more extended than yield farming, and the funds are locked up for the specified period. However, the massive interest rates justify the locked funds.

    Auto‐Liquidity‐Generating Protocol

    Every transaction performed, a portion of fees are locked into a contract where liquidity pool (LP) tokens are created, creating a perpetual liquidity pool that only grows as the Sneaksea token experiences more volume. This creates a pool of “un-ruggable” liquidity as the LPtokens are locked in a contract, inhibiting transfers.

    Deflationary Mechanism

    The Sneaksea token burns 1% of its tax fees, and sends them to the 0X00000 burn address. This allows users who hold $SK to gain direct exposure to the decentralized exchange’s (DEX) revenue. This also removes the immense sell-side pressure that AMM’s who offer yield incentives incur.

    Dividend mechanism

    Crypto dividends or crypto rewards are crypto passive income that is earned for holding or staking a crypto asset. The amount received is often based on the amount of a crypto asset held and may require the holder to take an action such as staking or creating a transaction to claim rewards. If you invest in Sneaksea token and stake them, you will get a share from the profit of the network.

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    Invest on this Project Today!

    The research published on NonFungible.com says that the total value of NFT transactions in 2020 increased by 299% compared to 2019 and exceeded $250 million. Experts predict that non-fungible tokens will be the driving force behind the virtual economy in the coming 10 years. The NFT marketplace is expected to grow tremendously, and developing an NFT marketplace is a great opportunity. Don't Pass up on this great opportunity. For More Informations Please Contact us: invest@sneaksea.art